New classes, classrooms, sanitary measures… Where to play sports at the beginning of the school year?

Covid or not, we’ll have to get back to sport in the new school year (before giving up at Christmas) and ask ourselves the age-old question of where we want to go to burn calories this year, with particular attention to the measures adopted by the venues to limit the circulation of the virus.The sports establishments have worked hard to concoct new, original and fun courses, in accordance with the government’s health recommendations in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.Application of barrier gestures, wearing a mask to circulate in the establishment, respect for a social distance of 2 to 15 metres between clients depending on the intensity of the activity…The final objective? To relieve the pressure of the last few months, to let off steam, to build up muscles and above all, to have fun.

The Hot Air Balloon and its 3-in-1 course

If you’re afraid of drooling over yoga but don’t know if your joints will appreciate an hour and a half of circuit training, La Montgolfière is the place to be for the undecided. This Parisian temple of well-being has chosen to combine three popular disciplines – cardio training, yoga and meditation – into a single course called “The Moment”.

Like a roller coaster ride, each session begins with muscle exercises, jumps and even screams to “cleanse negative emotions”, according to teacher Alyona Rudychenko.then the tempo is slowed down with active yoga postures and finally, the return to dry land is done in complete serenity with a few minutes of the speakers, the music follows the movement, going from soft house to soul.let go guaranteed! For equipment, there is no need to go ruin yourself, as the gyms have full equipment that you can use, unless you want to own your own equipment, then you can buy second-hand equipment at the sale sites.

The benefits: cardio-vascular work, improvement of balance flexibility and muscular relaxation.

Sanitary precautions: the course is limited to 10 people in order to respect a perimeter of 8m² per participant (double the government recommendations).the other areas, changing rooms, showers and relaxation area are accessible but limited to 2 clients per sauna/hammam.hydro-alcoholic gels are also available in the club.

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