Alya Aglan: "In this unique experience, self-mockery holds a central place"

Alya Aglan: "In this unique experience, self-mockery holds a central place"

"In this despite everything of the ongoing planetary drama, lives torn, shortened, taken away from our affection, we had to laugh all the same in order to put at a distance what was gnawing at us with anguish and uncertainties.Response to the major questions of the At the moment, the global crisis of neoliberalism, the deadly pandemic, laughter became vital because it created a bond, a euphoric antidote to sinister and boredom.

Returning to the intimate rather than going to war, each one wonders about himself, his family, his couple, this Italian on the phone who, after affirming that confinement offered him the opportunity to find himself alone with himself, does not find a moment in his “confinement agenda”, so overloaded by his yoga classes, exchanges on social networks, songs on the balcony, videoconference lunches ...and who hangs up by making an appointment to his interlocutor at the “next end of the world”.

Those who ski on their sofa in front of a landscape of snow-capped mountains or swim on their skateboard in the hallway.This Spanish girl who dresses, puts on make-up, puts on perfume, takes her bag, her sunglasses and her coat before declaring annoyed that she leaves for a drink in the kitchen and promises to come back in twenty minutes.The Beatles now singing “I gotta wash my hands” on the barely adapted score of “I Want to Hold your Hand” .

Those who move in small leaps, camouflaged in trash bags abandoned on the sidewalks, to circumvent the exit bans charged to three billion people in the world.This American, summoned to choose the conditions of his quarantine, rushes on the option B before knowing what it is, since option A offers a confined life with woman and child.

Posted Date: 2021-02-04

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